Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Ending Summer

Summer went by fast.

School is coming back.

This is a time to do important last minute stuff with your friends and family. Then also gathering school supplies together. Be sure you know the location of where your school is and that you register early so you can get in more likely. Also this is the time in your life to explore what you want in life, such as where you want to go to school, or what down the road you want to aim for yourself. 

I went to a program called P.A.C.E. at 20 yrs old. P.A.C.E. is a school to train independent living skills, to people with special needs. Until I went to P.A.C.E., I always talked in an articulate way, but never knew why. I am often able to express my feelings and understand why others feel the way they do. P.A.C.E. showed me I am like that because I was trying to ask or say “How can I express myself?” 

P.A.C.E. taught me that before I do anything, I focus too much on the possible consequences of things. I become too scared to express my ideas because I am afraid of how people might react.  Which causes me to over-think and miss out on doing activities. Also I do not understand when I can express myself. For example I do not understand when is a good time to ask someone if they want to get together with me.

But nobody ever said life was easy!

Until next time,

Alyssa :-)

Friday, July 3, 2015


Well, Independence Day is coming, and I am learning about more experiences.

One being I got a new computer. I grew up without a computer, so this is a challenge for me. Yet the nice thing is, I can be more able to learn and use it more on my own. Independence is a valuable tool, so we should use as much as we can for having a safe life.

So on independence day, we are celebrating for everyone who fought for our country and ourselves. It is easy to take things for granted, but sometimes we have to stop and enjoy what we have because we live only once. Life is all about being independent, and on the Fourth of July is how we celebrate having independence in our lives.

I am watching the fire works. The colors make me laugh with joy.

Monday, June 8, 2015

Graduation Time

Well now graduation time for 2014 is here, and we can make plans around the weather it seems. 
I know that it is an exciting time, because graduates can make future plans. When doing future plans, it means thinking about what we want to have in life. One important thing is finding about where a high school graduate wants to go to school. They need to research about the school, and figure out if it is what they are hoping for and decide if they want to go to the school. 
Then also part of graduation is knowing what to study. it should be a decision related to the graduates interests. When making decisions, it can seem more exciting at times then we think. We have to look at alot of ifs while making decisions. It is also where are we going to want to live, as well as being able to get around the neighborhood. Also is it a safe neighborhood is important. That is because some places can be more dangerous then others. 

Until next time...

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Moving On

I, Alyssa Ruzzin, have been sharing experiences with you about my life. 

Now I feel it is time to ask other people to share their stories also. 

Because I am only 1 person, I can not share all the other kind of stories there are out there. I believe the more stories we share, the better we will be at getting people to realize that having a disability is important to take care of, and that they are not all fun and games. Often we get seen as just wanting attention, but we are not. That is what rattles the boat. in today's society being disciplined is not used as much. 

So we need to encourage people to be more aware. I hope to get more people involved because that will open a road up to doing more to support epilepsy. With more support, hopefully we can have more healthy people.

Then they can pass on more stories towards handling epilepsy.

Until next time…

Monday, March 16, 2015

Conference Time!

Hello from Los Angeles. 

Over the weekend I was invited to participate in the GLOBAL SUMMIT ON THE EDUCATION OF INDIVIDUALS WITH DISABILITIES at Loyola Marymount University, where my brother Greg is a professor. 

While I was there I participated on a panel called "Changing our Mindset" with Jane Doyle from the Center for Independent Futures.  People asked questions about what schools can do to help individuals with disabilities. Someone even asked me if sometimes I feel like I live in a different world than they do. I said “yes!”.  Epilepsy has a lot of side effects that you may not experience, and you often end up losing a lot of sleep and the world goes on and on without you.  And then I have to ask a lot of questions about what’s happening. Inconsiderate answers hurt more than being told you are not able to drive! 

I had the opportunity to meet former U.S. Congressman Tony Coelho, one of the primary authors of the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Meeting Tony has helped me realize that it’s not just me who does a lot of struggling. Many people struggle. He made me realize that people not opening up about their struggles often comes from the fear of other people’s reactions. He expressed how he had to create a law so that EVERYONE can work, not just people without a disability.

The experience has made me realize that our society is losing touch with people with disabilities because everyone is on their phones and computers all the time. I often feel left behind, like I am still at step five (where I have been all along), while you are now on step twelve.

Being invited to speak was quite an honor for me and I met lots of wonderful people. I hope I can speak on more panels in the future.

Until next time, don't be too hard on yourself.

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Family Gatherings

I am going to be seeing both of my brothers this Christmas when my family gets together in sunny California. 

I visited my oldest brother and his family at their house in Colorado this past summer. His two children are very different from my other brother's son, in that they are a few years older, and much more active. 

I am wondering how the commotion of my three young nephews is going to affect me since having my surgery. I am sure they may be curious about my surgery, and I am not sure I will be able to answer their questions. I like speaking in front of groups to tell my life story, but I am not sure how to talk to very young children about it. So I guess I am saying that we need to be careful what we tell our family members, and how we tell them about what is going on in our lives. Everyone has their own doings, and wants, but we can only speak of our own experiences; we can’t speak for everyone. I know that mid-way through you life it becomes harder, because you have more people in your family. You should never be ashamed to ask for help if you need it, that’s one of the things family is about. 

I wish everyone a wonderful holiday season, and a happy new year!

Until next time…


Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Holiday Time

Thanksgiving and Christmas are two big holidays, and sometimes we can get confused with responsibilities. 

One thing is turkey for Thanksgiving; we have the responsibility of cooking the turkey, and giving thanks for all the blessings we have. It is not generally a time for gift giving. 

At Christmas time, we may have turkey again, but it is a time for giving gifts to those we care for. If we see our family often, depending on how far apart we live, if possible, it is important to make plans to be together. Stores are not usually open, so there are fewer excuses not to be together. 

Another thing is, we have to try to make time away from work if possible. Also, it is important to figure out transportation, so we can get to wherever our family members are. It is important to take into account the weather, especially this year, with all of the cold and snow that we have seen already. Some forms of transportation do not run on the holidays, so knowing in advance the form of transportation you need to use, would help you get through the holidays.

Until next time…