Friday, October 19, 2012

It is up to you to move forward!

We all have an intuition inside of us telling us what to do. When growing up, parents try to get us to use our intuition by encouraging us to think for ourselves. This helps us to have better confidence for ourselves in our futures. 

Do people with struggles follow their intuition? 

People with struggles sometimes have trouble trusting their intuition because often they are confused in their mind about if they have the right idea or not. 

Reminding people who struggle regularly on what they are succeeding at will help them focus more on thinking for themselves. Thinking for themselves will help them to be confident and trust their intuition.  

As they work on trusting their intuition and gaining confidence, decisions will become easier and less stressful. Then they can focus on moving forward with goals. 

Best wishes,
Alyssa Ruzzin