Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Less Stress and More Confidence in Handling Reality

After I started therapy sessions, I had been doing better. It helped me learn how to handle my struggles and notice the differences in my parents and in my future plans. The therapist helps me speak about stressful issues. After I settled down about my parents and future another struggle came along. My boyfriend was having personal problems and it started getting worse. He was diagnosed with a medical issue. He is working forward on his issue.
I was told to try Psychodrama Therapy. I found a flyer about psychodrama therapy and decided to be brave and try it. It is offered in Evanston at the Unitarian church. There are different people and there is a different number of people every time. There is a $20.00 charge every time. I started to take it, and it helped me a lot.

 Every time at the beginning of the class, people introduce themselves and talk about their problems. Then they vote on what problems to role play. The session is to role play out frustrations you get from the problem chosen. Everyone participates in the role play and it gives you a different way to express all your feelings. It helped me to learn how to handle my boyfriends problems. Then my boyfriends problem became easier to handle. I am amazed at how role playing is such a helpful tool. So I joined the group. It is a different way to open yourself up, gain confidence and to reinforce yourself to work harder toward reality.