Sunday, May 3, 2015

Moving On

I, Alyssa Ruzzin, have been sharing experiences with you about my life. 

Now I feel it is time to ask other people to share their stories also. 

Because I am only 1 person, I can not share all the other kind of stories there are out there. I believe the more stories we share, the better we will be at getting people to realize that having a disability is important to take care of, and that they are not all fun and games. Often we get seen as just wanting attention, but we are not. That is what rattles the boat. in today's society being disciplined is not used as much. 

So we need to encourage people to be more aware. I hope to get more people involved because that will open a road up to doing more to support epilepsy. With more support, hopefully we can have more healthy people.

Then they can pass on more stories towards handling epilepsy.

Until next time…