Friday, December 25, 2015

Learning who you are...

I am only 1 person of many people who has a mental problem in learning because of some kind of illness. I have epilepsy, and a Receptive Language challenge.

            • An example of my learning problem is conversation. If I do not understand the first sentence – I automatically think of questions to ask about the sentence. While I am thinking though, the person keeps going on – thinking I am listening. So then I miss the whole purpose of the conversation often. So while this person is going on, I try to ask questions but the person gets mad when I behave confused. Then frustration gets involved and messes up the whole purpose. People like me are considered a Special Needs (SN) person.
            So people with SN feels like nobody wants to hear the questions, or to answer the questions. Then often people with SN do not open up, because they are afraid of how people will react. The problem is not – the person with SN have too many issues and are lazy. Also the problem is not – people do not to want to hear or answer the questions. The problem is that not as many people are patient to take time to listen or explain the answers. That is the hardest fact that people with SN have to notice daily. Because of that fact – people with SN see many people going on in life, but they feel they are in outer space mentally or emotionally. It all is due to the lack of people not wanting to answer or explain the small questions they have leading to their dreams.

            •Another example is asking a question like "What are we doing today?" You with SN get told nothing today. You say I want to go to the store. They say why not tomorrow? Now you are scared. So you say you need some time alone. Then they take you in a frustrated mood. Then you feel your opinions and wants do not matter, and you ask yourself why do I try at all?  Yet you are only trying to say I need space from everyone.

           When I am alone – first I figure out what is making me scared and afraid of life? Then I have to write down a list of what is scaring me. Second (like a puzzle) I have to organize the list and create a picture of what is going on with me. Last I have to look at the answer and somehow figure out why it is this way (it is called analyzing). I often believe people do not understand my way of learning. That means they do not see when I am often feeling rejected while I am on the step of asking questions. So I have to explain myself to them. But when I try to explain – they say "Oh forget about it". 

I hate that answer because I still feel scared and confused.                                                                                                                                   
            Now from these articles, I am trying to say it works both ways. I was disciplined where I was not always focusing on my strengths. Yet I wish I had, because   I did not take my life more seriously until I was in my thirties before I noticed more of my talents, strengths, and abilities. People with SN focus on having  their talents, strengths, and abilities. Not on a degree or scholarship. It is important to with a SN child – encourage them to focus on their talents, strengths, and abilities as early as possible in life. The sooner they work on their talents, strengths, and abilities – the sooner they will know their dreams and passion. Last sooner they will become confident about their life.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    I know parents who have children with SN want them to be able to feel confident to go on with their life. So I recommend we work on them through discipline and encouragement to get them to be using their talents, strengths, and abilities – so they learn their qualities in life.