Wednesday, January 27, 2016

A new year.

           I know in the past when it comes to people with SN {Special Needs} we have focused on what their needs are. Such as: living skills, school work, speech, health, etc. So parents-teachers, etc. encourage people with SN to focus on taking care of themselves, and to work on their needs. But not encouraging them to focus on their strengths. 

           We are in the 20th century now. Maybe it is time to focus on the new technology that has been discovered. I have noticed getting them to focus on their needs and health only – makes people with SN often feel they often have to improve. Parents-teachers, etc. should also recognize their strengths:  such as {talents, abilities, qualities, perspectives of what is happening, etc.}. So as a community – all should work on accepting their needs and {while disciplining then as well as encouraging them to go forward} and reinforcing them to use their strengths while growing up. You parents-teachers, etc. might be amazed at how they feel more positive about who they are, and maybe they will open up about themselves.