Monday, June 8, 2015

Graduation Time

Well now graduation time for 2014 is here, and we can make plans around the weather it seems. 
I know that it is an exciting time, because graduates can make future plans. When doing future plans, it means thinking about what we want to have in life. One important thing is finding about where a high school graduate wants to go to school. They need to research about the school, and figure out if it is what they are hoping for and decide if they want to go to the school. 
Then also part of graduation is knowing what to study. it should be a decision related to the graduates interests. When making decisions, it can seem more exciting at times then we think. We have to look at alot of ifs while making decisions. It is also where are we going to want to live, as well as being able to get around the neighborhood. Also is it a safe neighborhood is important. That is because some places can be more dangerous then others. 

Until next time...