Friday, August 29, 2014

“Back to School”

It is once again time for school to begin. 

Parents of children with special needs often have to research schools to find a good fit to meet their child’s needs.   

After finding a school they feel meets their needs, they may have to encourage their child to stay in school, because some may want to give up and drop out. Also, you should ask you child what they want to study, because then it tells you what they want to experience in the world. It will help you with your research in finding a school that offers what they want. 

Keep encouraging them to work at school on a regular basis, and let me them know that the time will come when they will be good at it, and that will help build their confidence. Everyone has their own gifts and strengths, so if you find a school that offers things your child is interested in, they may do better in classes and possibly make more friends, and hopefully find a job doing something they like.

Until next time…

I’d like to start this post by telling you I have Epilepsy.

Hello again,

Last week, I went to a support group for people with Epilepsy, and I learned that not a lot of people tend to know about these monthly meetings, and they are having a hard time getting more people to attend regularly. 

At this meeting, they had a representative from the Epilepsy Foundation of Greater Chicago speak about different programs offered through their foundation. I found it interesting, because I could talk calmly, and not worry about what I said. 

If you, or anyone in your family has Epilepsy, I would encourage you to find a similar support group in your area.   

I brought this up because after years of controlling my seizures pretty well with medications, I have decided to have a Vagus Nerve Stimulator surgically implanted, in hopes that I can reduce the number of medications, and possibly the dosage of some of the ones I am taking. 

If it works, down the road, it may help me save a lot of money, which we all want. We always have to keep in touch with our doctors in case something comes up. Regular visits help them stay on top of your condition.

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Friday, August 8, 2014

Adventures in Public Speaking

As you may know, I was featured in a movie produced by my brother, called “Lost Child?”.  You can learn about it here: Lost Child? Movie 

After production wrapped up, I was given an opportunity to speak to a group of students at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles. After a screening of the movie, we offered the students a time to ask questions. 

Since then, I have had at least five additional opportunities to talk to small groups about the movie. I have also spoken at an annual meeting in Illinois called Speak Up/Speak Out, where I answered questions from very large groups. 

Now I would like to have opportunities to talk to parents of younger children with disabilities and to reinforce how important it is for them to open up at a younger age - the sooner the better.  I would like them to know that they can open up to their parents when they feel something is just not right, and about getting them to express what is on their mind about what they see in the world. 

A lot of times, these people end up having one or two magnificent talents in their lives (like a gift from God). I was given the gift of having a talent for public speaking; other people may have a talent in math, knowing about nature, etc. 

I know that my gift has helped me out a lot as a confidence booster, a real pat on the back. I am looking forward to finding out about potential speaking engagements in the future.

Until next time…