Friday, August 29, 2014

“Back to School”

It is once again time for school to begin. 

Parents of children with special needs often have to research schools to find a good fit to meet their child’s needs.   

After finding a school they feel meets their needs, they may have to encourage their child to stay in school, because some may want to give up and drop out. Also, you should ask you child what they want to study, because then it tells you what they want to experience in the world. It will help you with your research in finding a school that offers what they want. 

Keep encouraging them to work at school on a regular basis, and let me them know that the time will come when they will be good at it, and that will help build their confidence. Everyone has their own gifts and strengths, so if you find a school that offers things your child is interested in, they may do better in classes and possibly make more friends, and hopefully find a job doing something they like.

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