Monday, June 9, 2014

Have more respect!

Have more respect out there, no matter what the gender is. 

I notice that a lot of times, people of the same abilities stay in their own groups. When somebody comes along who is different, but is still what everybody else is on this planet; human. It doesn't matter if it's your status or your culture, everyone has feelings.

And as we know, feelings are a hard issue for people with challenges from a disability. They would also like to be included.

If you don't feel you're included you often feel left out. It can sometimes take ages for the feeling to fill because that is really how you get involved with things out there. You're not going to want to do all those activities like hiking and Disneyland if you don't have friends with you.

A lot of times because people in our shoes have a hard time asking, we would like to be accepted more for who we are and not tried to be turned into someone we are not. That is how they get taken advantage of. The more you open up when you are younger the better you are able to communicate as you grow.

Accept when other people don't understand things. What is just a joke to you maybe hurtful and teasing to them. Listen when they ask for help and take them seriously. Laughing at someone who is asking for help means that nothing happens and they get nothing out of it. When you laugh at someone who asks a questions, they feel like they have felt before but hurt more. That's the truth.

- Alyssa

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