Thursday, February 18, 2016

A Snapshot of my Life

A Snapshot of my Life

In the past couple of months, I experienced somebody being negative at work. This person was on the cell phone talking about people with Special Needs (SN). He was saying cruel things that are ignorant and cussing. I am a bagger at a grocery store and while I was bagging this person was constantly talking while I worked, and he paid at the register. My staff encouraged me to remain quiet while he was there. All of his ignorant and cussing statements were hurtful and made me realize I can't help everybody but I can do my best to help myself. I remained quiet, did not look him in the eyes, and smiled while I did my job. After the guy left my staff said it took a lot of bravery to ignore him. This experience made me wonder why I exist and made me feel some people are selfish. It was frustrating for me that my job says the customer is always right. It is hard to believe there are still ignorant people.

Also I in the past have mentioned that I am epileptic and have learning struggles. In the past few weeks I got too much stress on me and started feeling and acting crazy. I lost my balance and fell, my nerves tensed up and I could not move my muscles. As it was happening: I heard a person say I looked like I was begging for attention and being crazy. It was a stress or anxiety attack. I was hurt emotionally from people thinking I was looking crazy, because it is a real process. I am like not everything is what it looks like. It seems like some people are selfish.

I said last time we need to turn the page and try a new way to help people with SN get moving forward. Yes we need to learn their struggles, but when disciplining them: we can focus on the struggles to a degree. We should reinforce them to work on their strengths, talents, abilities, and qualities while they work on their growth. This way they'll learn how to cope with stress and anxiety more quickly. This is what we want for them. I know it can be done.

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