Thursday, February 23, 2017

Changes Never Leave     

As I said in my last blog post:  isolation is the hardest everyday experience. The question is not, "Why does isolation always get in our way?" The question is, "How do we control isolation?" Isolation is always going to be in our life. Did you hear of the expression, "We take risks as we Change."? 
It has been known that 75% percent of the time we keep moving, and do not often stop to think of where we are at? There is an expression called, "What is on our table?" Then we take a deep breath and start to write a list to try to get our priorities in order. We seem to be on our computers or cell phones about 75% of the time. 
When we ask ourselves where we are at, we need to think of things like:  1) the bills we owe, 2) our grocery list, 3) our children (are they happy, are they growing well, etc.?), 4) dinner, and 5) bed time. Our thoughts are important , yet it is important to spend enough time with our children.

We need to train on how much time we do what is on our table. This is a list, in order of importance to me:  1) Our children; 2) dinner with family; 3) bed time - do we get enough sleep?; 4) paying our bills; 5) grocery shopping; and 6) we also need to set boundaries on our cell phones and computers.

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