Saturday, June 29, 2013

An Interview with an expert: Gregory Ruzzin: Brother/Filmmaker

Alyssa: What did you learn from making our movie, "Lost Child?"? How did you get inspired to help me with the blog? 

Greg: The movie gave us the opportunity to reconnect since we haven't lived in the same state in many years. I learned about your daily challenges and it was eye opening.

The blog grew out of our conversations after the movie wrapped, about what was next. We wanted to keep the work going and the conversation rolling even after the movie. I thought it important to keep your voice out there so people can learn from you. The blog also came about at a time where you were wanting to learn more about computers and this gave you an opportunity to do something on your own.

Alyssa: What was it like growing up with a sister with special needs?

Greg: I would say that growing up with you was like growing up with any brother or sister, special needs or not. Like you, Mark (our older brother) and I were learning about the world and you were a part of that learning. I never felt like we were that different from other families, but Mom and Dad always made sure to treat you the same. They made a huge effort to include Mark and I in the effort to help you get the support you needed. We never resented the extra attention you got, like other siblings I have met. We never felt that because Mom and Dad made it a family thing. We were all in it together. Definitely a team effort.

Alyssa:  How has the movie changed your perspective of people with disabilities?

Greg: I feel that I have a broader view of what you are up against, as well as of how the world we live in isn't as accepting as it could or should be. This experience made me more aware of myself and the expectations that we place on other people. It reminded me that everyone is their own person and does things in their own way.

Alyssa: Has this experience made you more of an advocate?

Greg: Yes, definitely! The movie turned me from a brother into an advocate.

In fact, I am working on a documentary film project called "The MagicChair" and you are helping me with it. It is our goal to create a place where individuals with disabilities can tell their own stories, and your story will certainly continue to be one of those.

Best wishes,
Alyssa Ruzzin

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