Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Hello again. I am glad to be back.

I decided to take a break during the winter months, and I am happy to be back!

This winter turned out to be a journey, and it has affected me in many ways.

Cold weather and medicine are not a good combination due to side effects. It was very cold and wet for close to 7 months. I discovered I have a balance problem, which has required going through physical therapy.  I'm now trying to keep myself motivated to do the exercises at home, on my own.

Besides that, it has been hard to get to work due to all of the snow and ice this winter, I've had to allow more time to get around. Winter can make it hard on people with disabilities, who already have problems getting around, the added time can add up. It's important to keep track of our responsibilities, and keep working at it, because it will eventually make you stronger at doing things independently.

I will write more again soon. Happy Spring!

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