Thursday, April 17, 2014

Spring is here...and challenges too.

The beginning of Spring was late, weather wise. 

Due to that, it's going to be hard on food processing, which will make it hard for us to get some of the good we need. I've done some activities this week. I went to a birthday party, I met a couple of new people from CIF (Center for Independent Futures in Evanston where I live) that are new to the community I belong to. 

I am going to try harder to go to some CIF activities if it doesn't affect my work schedule. 

When we are looking for jobs, we want to be sure to find one that has a set, or steady schedule, one that gives you more than one week's notice at a time, and that you can work the same days and times each week. The reason I haven't participated in activities is mainly due to my work schedule, which means I can't always make plans in advance. 

Allergy symptoms and other health issues can also play a role in making plans. We want to have jobs, but part of life is taking whatever we can get sometimes. I am going to be going on vacation next month to Boulder, Colorado, to see all the mountains, and visit my brother and his family. 

Until next  time, stay positive! 

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