Thursday, April 24, 2014

Respect and Understanding: A message to the real world.

Every once in a while, everyone wakes up and is unsure what they want to do that day.

When that happens, I find it is best to write a list of things you can do, then decide if they have to be done that day, or if they can be put off. One of the things I notice is that a lot of times, people like to procrastinate, and that, I find very disturbing. 

If the person is doing something they need to do, that is all that matters. Yet, we hear a lot of judging and that gets in the way of a lot of people’s emotions, especially people who need help. 

I went through a process this week where I was having questions at work and people would answer me with things like, “You’ve been here for 12 years, you should know how to do that.” Or, “Use common sense!” 

We need to be more understanding and listen to people who ask questions, because whatever it sounds like to you, it is still important to them. 

Being understanding and listening are two very important goals toward guiding people. Like, if you don’t want your child to smoke, you should not smoke in front of them. This takes practice, so it is important if you can, to start doing it with them early in a relationship. I want to stress that people do that, because in my case, being heard is very important. I sometimes have a tendency to ask too many questions if I am not told that they understand, sometimes I don’t know they understand.

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