Friday, September 4, 2015

Education Support

Now that school has come, it is time for homework. Lately it seems more school kids may have too much homework. It can be hard for kids in regular school to tell that they have too much homework. So imagine how hard it is for troubled students to speak up when they get too much homework.

When you have to put troubled people in special classes, it can be hard to find the correct help. Also we need to help them at home. It is easy to keep reminding them to work on their hard problems, but after doing that for awhile, it can cause them to get worried and depressed.

When it comes to troubled students it takes effort and reinforcement. Also, we as parents have to accept the level they are at because that is how God gave them to you. When we help troubled students, we need to study their abilities, and qualities so when they mention their troubles; we need to empathize and encourage them to realize the students have abilities and qualities they can use while handling their troubles. Also it takes a lot of reinforcing the students to use their abilities and qualities because those abilities and qualities are the key to getting them motivated.                                                                                      

I can't imagine how hard it is disciplining, encouraging, and reinforcing your troubled child to go forward in life with their abilities. We can't blame the stress as a reason to give up. We can always get a new car but we can't bring back a life. Encouraging them helps them have a fulfilling life.                            

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