Thursday, September 10, 2015

Getting out of depression

       Depression is a serious negative way of  thinking and feeling. People can get depressed in different ways. Examples are being more tired, being sad, not as hungry, feeling lonely, suicidal, having trouble getting out of bed in the morning or not making plans for the day. So this is a serious issue that requires more effort and work.

       If you meet a troubled person who is also depressed it is important to help them focus on their wants so you can get an idea of their strengths, abilities and thoughts on living. For example: I like to chat when I become depressed because it gets my thoughts out and makes me more energetic. So guiding these people to do things related to their strengths can help them enjoy life and move out of depression. It can be stressful to encourage and guide others because it takes more time, and they do not always listen. But it is important for them to have this supportive help so they can have a fulfilling life.

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